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Conventional Wedgelock Couplings

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Standard One-Piece, Positive Type Couplings for Speed, Simplicity and Economy of Connection on Spiral Buttweld and Lockseam Spiralweld Pipe

Built in one piece with gasket already in place, Naylor Wedgelock Couplings provide the fastest and easiest way to connect grooved end or shoulder end pipe.

They provide a simple yet positive connection that is anchored to the end of the pipe and will not allow the line to separate or pull apart. A hammer is the only tool required to connect or disconnect them. A joint can be made up with only one side of the pipeline in the open. Since the Wedgelock takes up little more space than the diameter of the pipe itself, the line can hug the wall in tunnels, mines, or wherever space is limited.

Wedgelock Couplings are designed to provide a small degree of deflection in each joint. This design allows for expansion and contraction, and replacement of joints can be made at any point without disturbing the balance of the line. The couplings also permit a number of lengths to be rotated, when desired, without disturbing the balance of the line.

Heavy Duty Wedgelock Coupling


The Naylor Heavy Duty Wedgelock Coupling was designed for use with both Naylor Lockseam and Spiral Buttweld Piping Systems. This coupling, when used with exact Naylor sized ends, enables you to select the proper combination of diameter and wall thickness to fit your exact requirements.

Use of this coupling is well-suited on such applications as hydraulicking, water supply lines, dredging, sludge lines and air lines. Figure 1 shows the standard accurately-sized Naylor grooved ends buttwelded to the pipe.

Figure 1SB shows the slip-over type end which is preferred for use in abrasive service where the pipe is subject to excessive wear. The slip-over end can be a standard grooved end or the less expensive band type end as illustrated.

Low Pressure Wedgelock Coupling


Naylor offers the Low-pressure Wedgelock Coupling to meet the need for a fast, positive type coupling method in ventilating lines and similar lowpressure service on either lockseam spiralweld or spiral buttweld pipe. Figure 2 shows the 3/8” Square Shoulder End which is the conventional end preparation for the Low-pressure Wedgelock Coupling. Figure 2A shows the alternate grooved end.


Step 1

1To open one-piece coupling, drive wedge into two parallel lugs.

Step 2

2Slip coupling over pipe and put next section of pipe in place.

Step 3

3Drive out opening wedge so coupling snaps into place on grooved ends of pipe.

Step 4

4Drive wedge home into the three lugs on coupling. Nothing so simple...nothing so fast.